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License agreement


CGCheap is an online store that offers high quality 3D models. When purchasing or downloading one or more of our products, the customer is agreeing to this license ("License"). By accessing the site ("Site") or using any CGCheap products, you agree to abide by this License. The term "Content" refers to all products from CGCheap, including free and promotional items, as well as associated files such as textures and images. CGCheap reserves the right to update and modify this License without prior notice.


All rights related to the content remain with CGCheap and no rights are assigned or transferred to the end-user. The products made under brand names and the corresponding designs are the intellectual property of their owners. CGCheap does not possess or license to use any other-party intellectual property. You are responsible for determining if any third-party intellectual property is necessary for your projects and if so, to acquire the required clearance, consent, or releases.

Conditions of use

Content from CGCheap is available for use in private and commercial projects. The following are the usage limitations:

  • It is not permitted to distribute, sell, assign, transfer or redistribute content in its original format or any other format from which the product or a portion of it can be separately exported.
  • Content can be adjusted according to your requirements, but please note that any changes are based on the original and should not be sold or distributed as if it is your own.
  • Content may be utilized if it was purchased from CGCheap or a partner website; downloaded free of charge from either CGCheap or a partner website; or provided to you by CGCheap for promotional or other purposes.

    Delivery Policy

    Products are delivered through digital downloads. Once your order is approved, you will be given a download link, which will also be sent to you via the email address you provided during registration. The link will remain active for 8 days or 10 downloads following purchase. You will be able to reactivate the link in your account after this period, and you can download it at any time.

    Product images

    We have done our best to show the products correctly. Nevertheless, Scene lighting and render settings can significantly influence the appearance of the model and materials. CGCheap does not assume responsibility for any settings applied and cannot ensure render images of products will match the product images present in the catalog.

    Refund policy

    As CGCheap provides non-tangible (not a physical product), and irrevocable goods, we do not provide refunds once the order has been completed and our tracking software indicates that all files have been downloaded. Customers are expected to understand this upon purchasing any items from our Site. Exceptions to this rule may be allowed in certain circumstances the following reasons:

    • The double purchase: If you have inadvertently made a duplicate purchase due to an issue with the payment system or for any other reason.
    • Download issues: It is possible that there may be issues downloading the product. Prior to requesting a refund in this case, please get in touch with us to allow us to examine the issue or transfer purchased files to an alternative server.
    • Mistakenly thought to be a physical product: We strive to be clear throughout the Site that we only sell 3d models are not physical product to avoid any confusion.
    • Severe irreparable defects, missing files and textures: Products are tested before release, but there may be possible unexpected errors such as irreparable defects, or files and textures that are absent. In this case we can provide you with a download link of the corrected/missing files or issue a refund.
    • Any other reason: If you do not to download the files you have obtained, you may request a refund for any reason.

    Refund requests must be submitted within one month of the purchase date to Please include detailed reasons for your request for a refund.

      We are available to assist you with any requests!